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It's all about showing up!

Originally an electrician from Forbes, Nedd's impressed Australia with his unique brand of motivation and tenacity.

When the pandemic emerged, I picked up running, initially to shed some weight. However, my love for running – and the lengths I ran – grew.

In 2020, I completed 50 marathons in 50 days, raising nearly $100,000 for the Red Cross.

Nevertheless, I felt there was more to be done and more kms to be covered.

So, last year, I set one goal for myself: to run across Australia and become the fastest person ever to do so. I envisioned my 3,953km odyssey to inspire people to do more, not only for themselves but also for the homeless.

With less than two years of running experience, I averaged nearly 100 kms per day for 46 days.

Although I didn't break the record, my run generated over $2.6 million in donations for the homeless charity We Are Mobilise and, I hope, encouraged people across Australia and the world to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Since crossing the finish line at Bondi Beach, my mission has been to continue inspiring others to do things they find hard. Mainly, by doing things that I find hard, such as delivering keynote presentations to large audiences and more recently, authoring my own book.

However, I'm not content with resting on last year's laurels, and I'm far from done with audacious challenges. With plans for my next major challenge already in the works, I'm thrilled to have partnered with RT Health, confident that they will play a pivotal role in helping me achieve my next feat.

It's no secret that engaging in physical activity is immensely beneficial for both physical and mental health. Incorporating daily movement, whether through a run or pull-up session, is a non-negotiable part of my routine. Nevertheless, it took years and the establishment of key pillars to cultivate and maintain the motivation necessary to consistently push myself to move and push my boundaries.

Accountability and showing up

I find clarity in defining goals in clear, specific terms and knowing exactly what I want to achieve. This makes it easier for me to stay focused. Once you know your goal and the steps you need to take to get there, the consequence of not doing so is falling short of your goal.


Sometimes, we all need an external push, a force or factor that ignites something within us and motivates us to tackle challenging tasks. Initially, the idea of the transnational run intimidated me.

So, I strategically placed visual reminders of inspiration in my daily surroundings, such as my ‘F.U. wall’. The wall hosted the names, faces, and words of the sceptics who doubted my ability to get to Bondi.

Every morning, battling the cosy allure of my bed at the ungodly hour of 4 am, a quick peek at the doubter's list lit a fire in my belly and propelled me out of bed.

Find something that lights a fire in your belly and position a reminder of it in a place you frequent regularly to ensure the flame keeps burning consistently.


Routines foster consistency and discipline. I find that a well-defined routine serves as a roadmap, and the predictability of my routine reduces decision fatigue, allowing me to direct mental and physical energy towards my goals.

My routine not only helps me stick to my training regime, but also cultivates a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

After committing to a goal, be loud about it! Share it with your friends, family, and co-workers, as putting it out there means you're locked in. Personally, I found appearing on national breakfast TV in a pair of budgie smugglers worked wonders in fostering a strong sense of accountability.

Quite simply, if you set an alarm for your gym class, don’t press snooze. Or, if you’ve set a goal to meditate for 15 mins at lunch, don’t skip it.

Currently, I’ve been incorporating the below into my daily routine:

  • 4 am wake up
  • Drink a total of 3.5 litres of water
  • Train twice per day (rain, hail or shine)
  • Read 10 pages of a book
  • Have a cold shower
  • Perform one random act of kindness.

So, as I gear up for my next big challenge, sticking to this routine is pivotal for maintaining consistency and developing lasting habits. I'm stoked to have RT Health backing me – they truly prioritise my health and goals and are dedicated to assisting me in reaching my goals.

Plus, I see the value in personalised healthcare from a smaller health insurer that genuinely cares about its members. The team at RT take the time to listen to your needs and requirements before talking you through a tailored plan to that suits your lifestyle. They aren’t about cutting corners, but rather personalised plans to help you keep showing up – however you choose to.

I find peace of mind in knowing that, as I push my boundaries and embrace challenges, I have the flexibility to skip long waitlists, select my preferred doctors and surgeons, and access a wide range of extras and benefits included in my coverage, all designed to help me keep getting comfortable being uncomfortable.