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Your A to Z membership guide

At RT Health, we’re all about making things simple for our members. That’s why we’ve put together this simple, easy to understand membership guide.

Our A to Z guide provides detailed info on your membership, types of membership, how to make a claim, making payments … and a lot more! It’s worth taking a look through this information as part of your intro to RT Health.

It’s in an easy-to-read format. Just pick the topic you’d like to know more about from the list to the left and you’ll be directed to the information you need. Simple!

And, it will always be here if you need to come back to it.

If you’ve just joined us, it’s important to read your Cover Guide for the cover(s) you’ve selected in conjunction with the A to Z guide. The you’ll have the full picture on what’s available from your membership and from RT Health.

We know sometimes private health insurance can get complicated.

It’s a convenient and easy way to get information about private health insurance (and how you can use your RT Health membership). And, it’s all available 24/7. Whenever you need it.

Happy reading!

Remember, we’re always here if you need us. Just give our friendly Member Care team a call (or send them an email). They’re available every Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5 pm (AEDT/AEST) to take your call on 1300 886 123.

Or, you can get in touch via email if you’d prefer. Just drop them a line to help@rthealthfund.com.au

They’ll be happy to help.