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Corporate Health Plans

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Corporate Health Plans
Want a healthier workforce?

Why should you encourage your workforce to have PHI? We could go on for days! There are many reasons why private health insurance is important, especially when you’re looking to create a healthier, happier and more productive workplace.

Increased productivity

A healthy, happy team always works harder (and faster).

They'll be there for you

Healthier teams have less sick days.

Word gets around

If you look after your team, attracting and retaining new talent will be easier.

Happy in their work

When they’re at their best, employees have greater job satisfaction. And that benefits everyone!

Why partner with RT Health?

We've had a long time to get it right. We’ve been looking after rail, transport, electrical and energy workers, and their families, since 1889. That means we’ve done the hard yards on what you need and value most from your private health cover.

Not for profit

We’re here just for our members, average Aussies who are looking for the best way to access affordable healthcare. Not shareholders.

Cover with care

We know that no two members are the same. That everyone needs something different when it comes to health cover. That’s the RT Health difference.

Industry experts

When you’re with RT Health, you’re part of 130+ years of history, care and support that’s helping hardworking Aussies look after their health.

We know your industry

We’re here for hardworking Aussies. The Aussies who are up early (or up late) every day keeping our country moving, and the lights on.

Over the years we’ve developed lots of relationships and we’re experts in connecting workforces across the rail, transport, electrical and energy sectors with private health cover.

But it doesn’t stop there. We often strike a chord with like-minded organisations who’d like to help their employees access better healthcare (and the many benefits) through private health insurance.

We make private health cover simple. Easy to understand and to relate to. We’re here to help your team make informed choices about private health insurance, and their healthcare.

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