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Debunking Myths Surrounding Heart Disease

Join our upcoming webinar, "Busting the Myths of Heart Disease," where a Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute leading expert will debunk common misconceptions and provide evidence-based insights on maintaining a healthy heart. Don't miss this opportunity to separate fact from fiction and take control of your heart health. 

Thursday 29 February 2024 

6:00 - 6:30pm


Webinar recordings

Bowel Cancer Awareness for Young people

Bowel Cancer is Australia's second deadliest cancer. Come along and learn about bowel cancer and what you can do to reduce your risk by creating real change in your life!

In this workshop you will learn: 1. What are the symptoms of bowel cancer? 2. What factors increase my bowel cancer risk? 3. How can I reduce my bowel cancer risk?


The Importance of Exercise as we age

Exercise is of utmost importance as we age for a variety of reasons. Come along to our free webinar and learn how exercise is a key player in our lives.

This workshop will: 

1. Discuss the importance of exercise (and how it reduces the risk of diabetes).

2. Engage you in a practical activity to establish your fitness priority areas.

3. Help you feel better equipped to take on exercise in your life - no matter your age or fitness level.

What topics would you like us to cover?