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Dependent Student Registration

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Main member's details

(this is the person in whose name the cover is held)
DD/MM/YYYY Member date of birth

Dependent details

DD/MM/YYYY Dependent date of birth
If yes, you are authorising your child to make claims on the membership without the need for your signature.


I understand that if my child leaves full-time study, or becomes Married/de facto, he/she will no longer be eligible to remain covered as a dependant student. I understand that RT Health reserves the right to verify my child’s eligibility for cover as a dependant student. I will notify RT Health fund if there is any change in my child’s circumstances that affects his/her eligibility to remain covered immediately.  

I confirm that my son/daughter meets the student criteria which is:
  • between 22 and 30 years of age (inclusive);
  • a full-time student at school, college or university in Australia;
  • unmarried and not in a de facto relationship;
  • primarily reliant on the Principal Member or their Partner (listed on the Policy) for maintenance and support; and
  • related to the Principal Member or their Partner as a child, step-child, foster child or other child that the Principal Member or their Partner has legal guardianship over.

Please note, part-time students and apprentices are not eligible for cover as dependant students.

Please also note that if at any time the eligibility as a dependant student ceases you need to contact us to make other arrangements if continuing health cover is required.

Please also note that cover for a dependent student will cease from the date they ceased to be eligible and no claims by them will be covered from that time unless you have made new arrangements to cover them under an extended policy.

Members (including students and young adults) should obtain tax advice in relation to liability for the Medicare levy surcharge (MLS)

I've read and agree to the above terms and conditions and confirm the information I've provided is correct.